​Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas I was trained in oil painting which was my medium of choice for 20 years before I began experimenting with resin.  The spirit of my resin work was inspired by the courage of wounded veterans.  As an active volunteer at the VA providing art therapy/painting workshops to veterans suffering with PTSD, I have witnessed the vulnerability required during the creative process.  As a teacher I needed to be able to let go during my own creative process before I could ask a group of wounded veterans to do so themselves.  I began working with resin due to its fluidity and volatile nature.  The process used in my resin work is physically challenging and hazardous, requiring the use of a hazmat suit, full-face respirator, 1200º heatgun and blowtorch.  Pigments and mica powders are mixed into the resin and poured onto custom wood panels. Without the use of brushes, extreme heat is applied to move the resin and create organic chemical reactions.  Multiple layers of resin mixed with pure mica pigment powders add depth and movement as the individual grains of pigment are prisms, creating rainbow refractions that change with the light source.  I would liken the process to a musical composition where everything moves together in unforced harmony without pause.  Without time to stop and retune my strings during the process due to time constraints of the resin curing process, I am forced to improvise and continue playing even when out of tune.  My work manifests a visual representation of both the harmony and discord in life.  Combining control and serendipity while maintaining a free-flowing abstract nature, each painting is lyrical and representational of the symbolic power of expressive color.  


Contemporary artist

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