Contemporary artist


​​I began working with resin in an attempt to help others let go during their creative process.  I had been volunteering at our local homeless veteran’s shelter teaching oil painting classes to veterans suffering with PTSD.  It was through my work there that I witnessed first-hand the healing power of art.  What resonated most from that experience was the vulnerability required during the creative process and how challenging it was for someone with PTSD to be open to the unknown.   As an exercise in surrender during my own creative process, I began working with resin due to its fluidity, volatile nature and inability to be controlled.  I replaced my brushes with a 1200 degree heat gun and blowtorch and began experimenting with chemical reactions that occur organically with paints and the Rayleigh-Taylor instability.

The goal of my current work is to manifest a visual representation of surrender -- to show what happens when we allow ourselves to trust in the natural order of things and let them unfold organically without our direct intervention.  My work shows movement and is symbolic of how things are in constant transformation, just as in nature and life itself.  Multiple layers of resin mixed with pure mica pigment powders add depth and movement as the individual grains of pigment are prisms, creating rainbow refractions that change with the light source. My paintings depict various light, color and horizon elements bridging the gap between the physical, spiritual and emotional realms (earth, air, water and fire).

I only use high quality products to produce my work.  All my wood panels are custom built and are much more durable than what is available in art supply stores.  The resin used is ArtResin brand which is the latest & greatest on the market today -- VOC free and 100% UV resistant.  I do NOT use acrylic craft paint but commercial grade pigments and powders.